2007 Eurocopter AS365N3 S/N 6766

The high-performance AS365 N3 was developed for operations in ‘hot and high’ climates, and introduced 635 kW (851 shp) Arriel 2C turboshafts equipped with a single channel DECU (Digital Engine Control Unit) with manual reversion, mated to an uprated main transmission for better single engine performance. The AS365 N3 also features a redesigned ten blade composite Fenestron anti-torque device with asymimmetic blade distribution, offering a further reduction in noise signature. The AS365 N3’s gross weight is 4,300 kg (9,480 lb)
2007 Eurocopter AS365 N3 S/N 6766
2007 Eurocopter AS365 N3 S/N 6766
Eurocopter AS365N3 6766 AtlanticPointAviation 03 22 12.pdf

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